May,27 2009

Hi,everyone at Sevierville Primary School! Thank you all for welcoming Booger and I to your school! A special to Miss Harriett and Emagene for such a wonderful job scheduling all 840 students!

Booger, Firefly, Stinker and I had a really good time reading for you! Wild Rose Begonia, thought you were all so well behaved that she didn’t even have to point at you! Stinker was so proud of how smart and clever you were. Stinker was amazed at how you actually found her hiding on the pages of the book! We hope you will all read Booger again and find lots of other things hiding in the illustrations. Take another look. Try finding Mount Leconte, Jack in the Pulpit, the bears, Stinking William, and Lady’s Slippers. There are many other characters hiding along with Stinker that you didn’t see the first time!

You did sweet job spinning your tall tales, so keep letting your imaginations create new adventures. Hello to Mrs.Lori Watson’s class, who had such cute name tags! I loved the kleenex attached to your badges, that was a really extraordinary idea! All the nametags were wonderful and so creative. The hat badges were awesome,and the noses on your hats were an excellent addition!

I look forward to seeing you all again. Have a great summer, don’t pick your nose and be sure to read some new books I am glad you enjoyed reading Booger with me. Most students agree Booger a Tall Tale is a very good book.

Warmest regards,

Mary Phillips, author of Booger a Tall Tale and Stinker too!


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