June18-19-2010 Secret City Featival Oakridge Tn

Mary Will be drawing  Childrens  portraits at the Fine arts fair. Located at the Oakridge Civic Center



JUNE 11th- 2010

At the Great Nantahalia Out door Center Gatlinburg TN. located at the gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

On the Parrkway light # 10.

Visit the author for booksigning, reading and a fun program narartted by Firefly, the puppet.

Meet wild Rose Begonia in person.

June 12th 2010

FIREFLY FESTIVAL– Gatlinburg Tennessee  Located at The  Great Nantahalia Outdoor Center

. The Firefly festival is a celebration for the theatrical synchronous lightning bugs recently discovered in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The event is hosted by Discover Life in America or DLIA which is the foundation created to support the amazing ATBI project. The ATBI is attempting to catalog all living things in Great Smoky mMuntains National Park and has to date discovered more than 900 new species previously unknown to science. Come and view the firefly light show that will be taking place during the first few weeks in June,in GSM National Park.